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Updated March 31, 2010
About license-stop for non-EU performers.

Updated July 15, 2005
General policy city council.


12-Aug-2015: License system restored.

31-Mar-2010: Voice amplification gedoogbrief prolonged for undefined time.

26-Mar-2009: Voice amplification gedoogbrief 2009 available.

19-Mar-2008: Voice amplification allowed without license.

09-Jun-2007: Performing officially license-free, but non-EU still can not perform!

29-Jul-2006: Mayor ignores City Council's decision! Street theatre dead?

16-Dec-2005: Amsterdam-City council will allow performing to all nationalities.

14-Oct-2005: Council of Amsterdam-Centre accepts proposal of AA/dG.

09-Sep-2005: Court and City Council start dealing with the case of non-European street performers.

03-Feb-2005: City council and SAS get together: positive developments.

17-Jul-2004: City council's policy and apathy kills street theatre in Amsterdam.

06-Dec-2003: Amsterdam bans foreign street performers.


News logging - General policy of city council.

(Last postings are on top)

July 15, 2005

We got an immediate reaction from the chief of the license department. The needed copies of the 'allowance-letter' have already been sent. Very sweet!

July 14, 2005

Apparently performers concerned did get a letter about the music amplification. It was just not clear licenses would not be renewed and this is the letter they should carry. Most performers still have this 'allowance-letter'. For a few performers we asked a copy.

July 5, 2005

The chief of the license department has contacted us by phone, a friendly and professional conversation. Apparently things are a result of some miscommunication and further possible to solve easily or correct with some fine-tuning.

There *is* a quick way to get a license: apply for the license one morning, pick up the license the next morning. 24 hours is reasonable ... Mention this 'picking up the next morning' at the counter when applying!

It *is* possible for every circle-show to get permission for music amplification. However, it is just a case of making things clear: Mention that the application is for a street theatre circle-show (NOT a socalled 'event', that's a total different procedure).

'Old' license-holders and license-holders with a too vague description seem to have gotten a letter about the music amplification. This letter should be kept together with the license and shown to the police when they ask for the license. If necessary, a copy of this letter will be resent.

June 30, 2005

No reaction from the chief of the license department so far; it's two weeks now ... We have sent a fax to the chief of the license department and to the chairman of Amsterdam-Centrum in which we complain about not fullfilling the promises of earlier this year. Let's hope this does something - quick ...

June 16, 2005

We heard from some performers that getting a license for music amplification during a circle show is difficult or even impossible, applications are not accepted. Also we heard from the license department that NO 'speedy' application procedure exists, nor will become available. After a double check, this has been reconfirmed by the license department. 'Old' license holders (without music permission) did not get a new license or a socalled 'gedoog-brief' (a letter in which permission is stated).

These things were part of our agreements earlier this year, not very nice, what's happening?

We have tried several times to speak to the chief of the department, but he is pretty impossible to reach. Now we left a message for him, asking to contact us. We were told this will be coming Monday or Tuesday.

February 3, 2005

Yesterday we had a follow-up meeting with the city council: good news and bad news ...

Let's start with the bad news:
The non-EU case is on hold, waiting for the advice of the appeal committee, which will take some months. And then it's not the end of the story yet...

The good news:
Some other issues are / will be solved:
- There will be a possibility for a fast license application, meaning apply before noon and pick up the license in the afternoon. There will be some 'reasonable' increase of the fee, but it means incoming / temporary performers don't need to wait anymore for a week (or sometimes longer) before they can work.
- The use of amplified music will be allowed within workable limits, like maximum sound level and maximum time.
- Use of fire will NOT be restricted or banned, things stay as they were.
- New situation will be applicable as of approximately half february.
- New situation will be evaluated in november 2005.

As of half february, application forms and actual text of the license will be changed. So, unless you really want to work now (hm - look at the weather...) the handiest thing is to wait with applying for a license untill after that. For those few who already applied and/or already have a license for this season, the license will be replaced by a 'new' one, without charge. The city council will take the initiative.

December 16, 2004

In reaction to our request for a follow-up meeting, we received an invitation for February 2, 2005. Yes, this is three months after our first meeting of November 8, instead of just one month, as we agreed ... Not very sweet.
Let's hope things will speed up from there.

December 13, 2004

Although agreed during our earlier meeting with the city council there is still no appointment for a follow-up meeting. We have contacted the city council asking for such an appointment.

November 8, 2004

We had the meeting with the city council and talked for about 2 hours. The overall feeling was positive, we think on both sides.
Some issues will seriously be looked into and some solutions were found. The non-european-issue however remains very difficult ...
We will have a follow-up meeting around beginning of December.

October 22, 2004

After our reminder a few days ago, the city council has contacted us for a new appointment.
This will be on Monday, November 8, 2004.

October 4, 2004

We just received a cancellation for the meeting with the council, due to illness of the chairman of the board. There is not so much point in talking (again) to only the people who are not really in charge.

A fair and valid reason, it is just unfortunate we probably have to wait another month or so, before things are actually only being looked into. Again.

September 20, 2004

Last Friday, the city council contacted us to invite us for a meeting.

We confirmed it today. The meeting will happen on Monday, October 4, 2004. Two of us will go there.

September 9, 2004

A streaming video of the protest is on-line (25 MB - 256 kbps - 14min.)
The file is streaming .WMV format (Windows Media Player), allowing the video to start playing almost instantly. We will try to get more versions and formats available.

September 7, 2004

We are working on a video of the event, almost ready ...

September 6, 2004

Today a delegation of seven performers have presented our petition to the Council. We gave her a colourful bouquet of balloon-sculptured flowers as well.

In reaction the Council gave reasons for the limitations and refusing a license to non-European performers. Unfortunately, those reasons seem to refer to street sellers, not street theatre performers.

Further they referred to national law, which forbids the council to issue licenses to non-Europeans. However, in the specific case of street performing, this is still questionable. Besides, if the motivation exists, legal ways around are possible.

We will have a meeting in the near future.

September 6, 2004

Sorry for being a bit late, it's been busy ... ;-)

Yesterday has been an intense (and hot!), but fantastic day. More than 25 performers were present to join the protest and showed an example of on-the-spot teamwork. We held a large positive crowd, non-stop from 2:00 untill 9:00 PM.

1000 was a goal, 2000 a dream, 2187 people signed the petition!

A press release (Dutch) has been sent out sept. 5th 23:25 PM

September 3, 2004

Another press release (Dutch) has been sent out, emphasizing the actual protest event.

Later on we got an appointment set with the chairman of the Amsterdam-Centre City Council to present our petition on the following Monday at 11:00 AM.

Performers are coming in ...

August 26, 2004

A press release (Dutch) regarding the situation and our planned protest event has been sent out.

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